Front Load Dumpster Services

The City of West Sacramento has an exclusive contract with Waste Management, Inc. to provide front load dumpster service.  Residents and businesses may order a front load dumpster directly from Waste Management by calling (866) 844-1508.

Roll-Off Box Services

To order a debris or roll-off box, residents and businesses may call any of the permitted haulers listed here.  
Please note, placement of roll-off box in the City right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit.  For additional information, contact the City Community Development Department at (916) 617-4645.   

Becoming a Permitted hauler in West Sacramento

Municipal Code
 Section 8.08.080 requires that any individual or business that is paid to haul material from West Sacramento to a landfill must be a permitted hauler.  To become a permitted hauler, please use the links below:

Hauling Permit Terms & Conditions

Hauling Permit Application

Hauling Permit Book of Fees 

Hauling Permit Fee and Reporting due dates

Hauling Permit Reporting Forms (hauling is primary business)

Hauling Permit Reporting Forms (hauling is not primary business, e.g. Construction cleanup companies)

Attention, as of April 1, 2017 the City of West Sacramento Non-Exclusive Hauling Permit fee for businesses whose primary business is clean-up will be calculated using $113/ton for solid waste collected.  This fee increase will not affect those permit holders whose primary business is waste hauling and pay permit fees based upon gross billings.    For additional information about refuse collection permit fees, please contact the Environmental Services Division at (916) 617-4590 or