To maximize access to recycling, the City offers mixed recycling services at no additional cost to trash services.   Apartment Complexes may reduce their trash service costs by diverting recyclables out of the trash and into a No-Additional-Cost recycling bin.  Save $GREEN$ and be GREEN by recycling! 

Property Managers if your complex has 5 or more units, state law requires you to have a recycling program.  Call Waste Management at (866)844-1508 to set up your No-Additional-Cost recycling service or visit them online at 

if your apartment complex does not currently offer recycling services, please let your complex manager know you would like to recycle.  There is no additional cost to the complex to add mixed recycling services.  So, waste service costs may actually be reduced by adding recycling service.   

The City is here to help residents living in apartment complexes recycle right.  We offer educational information on what can be recycled in your mixed recycling container and a recycling tote bags to carry your recyclables to the recycling bin.  Call (916) 617-4590 for more information.   

To learn more about mandatory recycling requirements for apartments visit: 

How to Recycle 

Click here to view a poster of what can be recycled in West Sacramento’s Mixed Recycling Program.  If you still have questions about how to dispose of something, call or email us at (916) 617-4590 or or click here to see a list of other recycling & disposal options.

New State Mandated Organic Recycling Requirements
State Assembly bill 1826, specifies multifamily complexes with 5 or more units who generate waste at threshold levels must recycle landscape waste and non-hazardous wood waste.  To learn more about the mandatory organic recycling (MOR) requirements visit: