Mandatory Commercial Recycling 
Did you know, if your business generates 4 cubic yards or more of trash per week, State law requires you to have a recycling program?  For more information on the State's mandatory commercial recycling requirements, go to
To set up a state compliant recycling program at no additional cost to your current trash service, contact the City today at (916) 617-4590 or

No Cost Recycling Service

To help you meet your mixed recycling needs, the City offers recycling services at no additional cost to trash service.  Save $Green$ and be Green by adding recycling!  City staff are available to help you set up a recycling program customized to meet your needs.  In addition to no-cost front load recycling service, we offer trilingual educational information on how to recycle, interior recycling collection containers, specialized locking front load bin lids and waste evaluations all at no additional cost.  For additional information please contact the City at (916) 617-4590 or

What Can Be Recycled
To learn what can be recycled in your mixed recycling bin, click here
Still have questions about how to recycle or dispose of something, call us at (916) 617-4590 or email us at