Traveler Assistance

Select An Alternative Transportation Mode
Single occupancy vehicles will greatly increase the impact of traffic congestion for the Fix50 project. Finding a new way to work, school or other destinations will help reduce the amount of cars on the roadways during this difficult time.

West Sacramento is served by Yolobus. Many peak hour routes and normal routes can be found at their website at  Many Sacramento Regional Transit routes directly connect with Yolobus and can be found at Other transit service from Roseville, Placer County, El Dorado County and Elk Grove connect with Yolobus in Downtown Sacramento. For individual assistance, please contact Yolo bus at (916) 371-2877. For Customized business and organizational assistance, please call Erik Reitz at (530) 661-0816 or via email at

Capitol Corridor/Amtrak
Train service is available from Davis, Roseville, Rocklin and Auburn to the Sacramento Intermodal Station. Yolobus can provide transit acess to West Sacramento from the Sacramento Intermodal station. More information can be found at

West Sacramento has many bicycle/pedestrian routes on its roadways including the newly complete Clarksburg Branch Line Trail. Many of Sacramento's bike trails and lanes connect to West Sacramento. Please go to for additional information. For customized assistance, please contact Chris Dougherty at (916) 617-4732 or email at

Carpool are a great way to help traffic congestion, save money and reduce stress. Carpool information and a computer club are available through the Sacramento Area Council of Government (SACOG) 511 program at

Yolo County TMA Emergency Ride Home Service/Zipcar/Enterprise Car Rental
So what if you have to work late and miss your carpool, bus or train. What if you need a car during the day for an hour or two? More information can be found at Hourly Zipcar rentals are available in nearby Downtown Sacramento. Checkout Zipcar at Enterprise has a car rental center in West Sacramento at 3006 Evergreen Ave, West Sacramento, (916) 373-0880.

Select An Alternative Commute Time
The heaviest commute time on Sacramento freeways are from 7:00am-9:00am in the morning and from 4:00pm-6:00pm in the evenings. The Fix50 project estimates that commute times to and from West Sacramento could increase buy as much as 1 hour during commute times. Avoiding these times is very important to relieving traffic congestion, managing stress, improving air quality and possibly even improving public safety by reducing traffic congestion for emergency vehicles. Your help is needed to reduce congestion. We realize that this puts extra burdens on those persons with childcare obligations and other special time critical needs. Talk to your service providers and tell them about the Fix50 project to see if they could provide more flexibility for the 60 days that the roadway project will occur.

Check the traffic before you leave

Check before you leave for work. Routes that work one day may be clogged the next day for a number of reasons. Leave a little earlier or late if you notice traffic is bad. Here are a few ways to check traffic before you leave your home or workplace.
Find an Alternate Route
Avoid Highway 50 whenever possible and especially during commute hours.

Interstate 80 - The Best Freeway Alternative
West Sacramento can only be accessed via bridges as it is surrounding by water. While Highway 50 will be very congested, Caltrans is deferring construction on Interstate 80 until after the Fix50 project is completed. Using the Reed Avenue Exit off of Interstate 80 in either direction will likely provide less traffic congestion. If you are coming to a Rivercats game, please use this route. Signs will be posted indicating the route and information can be obtained directly from the Sacramento Rivercats directing you right to their parking facilities.

Stay and Play
Stay in West Sacramento past the heavy afternoon commute hours. There are many opportunities to get your shopping done, take in a baseball game or participate in a recreational or cultural even in West Sacramento while you wait for traffic to decrease on freeways in the central corridor. Plan an outing with your coworkers for shopping or going to a ball game after work. Check out the links provided below for more information and activities in West Sacramento.