In order to appeal a City decision, the party must file a letter of appeal together with an appeal fee with the City
Clerk within fifteen (15) calendar days of the decision.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 66452.5, appeals of a Planning Commission action on tentative maps must
be filed with the City Clerk within ten (10) days of Planning Commission action.


Any decision made by the staff, the Planning Commission, or the Hearing Officer are appealable.


File a letter or a copy of the attached Application for Appeal form, together with the required fee* within fifteen (15)
calendar days of the action taken with the City Clerk for appeals to the City Council or the Board of Appeals, or with
 the Community Development Department for appeals to the Planning Commission.  You should state your reason
 for appeal clearly and attach any material which you believe to be supportive to your appeal.

WHO HEARS THE APPEAL & FILING FEE (not a complete list)

1)    Appeal of the Zoning Administrator or staff decision is heard by the Planning Commission.  ($100)

2)    Appeal of Building Code interpretation by staff is heard by the Board of Appeals.  ($100)

3)    Appeal of a Planning Commission decision is heard by the City Council.  ($100)

4)    Denial of certain permits and licenses are heard by the Hearing Officer.  ($50)

5)    Denial of a Fireworks Sellers permit is heard by the City Council.  ($100)

*   This may not be applicable for some decisions; verify with the Community Development Department.  Hardship
     waivers may be requested. This fee does not include billable staff or consultant time which is the responsibility
     of the project related to the appeal.

     Click  here to download the Appeal Application