Jefferson Blvd and West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson Blvd and 15th Street
Jefferson Blvd and Stone Blvd
Jefferson Blvd and Lake Washington Blvd
Jefferson Blvd and Higgins Rd
Tower Bridge and 3rd Street
Tower Bridge and 5th Street
Tower Bridge and Garden Street
3rd Street and E Street
3rd Street and G Street
3rd Street and C Street
Southport - Jefferson Blvd at Monticello
Harbor Blvd and Reed Avenue
Harbor Blvd and Riverpoint Ct.
Harbor Blvd and Industrial Blvd.
Harbor Blvd and West Capitol Avenue

Caltrans Live traffic cameras

Please plan in advance and use these traffic cameras before you start your journey. City Traffic camera video feeds require high bandwidth and are recommended for computer desktop systems. Cameras cannot be viewed via Apple IOS devices except on desktop systems using the Chrome or Firefox Browsers. For real time traffic information on city streets and state highways, please use desktop and mobile applications such as:

Inrix Traffic
Apple IOS Maps
Google Maps